Purified PC for Your Pets Good Health

PhosChol PPC Vet is 100% Purified Pharmaceutical Grade Phosphatidylcholine

Formulated Exclusively for Pets and Recommended by Veterinarians as the Best Source of Pure PPC

PhosChol PPC VET has been clinically studied by some of the best schools of veterinary medicine and PhosChol and PhosChol Vet is the preferred choice of veterinarians for treating liver disorders, especially canine liver disorders related to copper toxicity. In fact, PhosChol is the only phosphatidylcholine product recommended in the Merck Veterinarian Manual for treating canine liver disorders.

PhosChol PPC Vet uses the identical pharmaceutical grade phosphatidylcholine as our Human Version of PhosChol liquid Concentrate, which for over 35 years continues to be the #1 Selling Healthcare Practitioner Brand!

In fact, since 1982 well over 100 million doses (almost 200 million) have been administered by doctors in the United States alone.  PhosChol stands alone as the best source of purified PPC. And, PhosChol delivers the highest concentrated source of  the primary active ingredient 1,2 DLPC, which is responsible for it’s superior results.

Since 1953 highly purified PC has been prescribed for liver health and pharmaceutical grade PC continues to be a registered product in over 50 countries for treating various liver disorders.

Purified PC has been proven safe and effective for over 70 years and you can be sure the same quality, safety and efficacy applies to your favorite fury family members as well.

How Does it Work

All life as we know it happens on the cell membrane and purified PPC (PhosChol) provides the building blocks essential to cellular membrane, formation, repair, regeneration and function.

Like bricks of a wall, cellular membranes act as barriers to protect each cell and organelle in the human and animal body, maintaining cellular structure, function and co-operation.

Cell membranes are an essential building block for life as cells, tissues, organs and ultimately an organism cannot be formed without them. Without PC and cellular membranes, life as we know it would not be possible.

PPC Essential Building Blocks for LIfe

Phosphatidylcholine clearly plays a vital role in human and animal life. Its role is even more important when harmful environmental conditions (i.e. tainted food, cleaning chemicals on paws, etc.) lead to cell membrane damage. When cell membranes become damaged and rigid due to higher levels of inflammation and oxidative stress, cell function/metabolism decreases, and good health is replaced by dysfunction and ultimately disease.

When membrane damages are present, PC is in high demand to help form, proliferate, restore and regenerate cell membranes and to enhance membrane-dependent metabolism.

Providing a dietary source of purified PPC to your pet may be one of the best things you can do to promote and preserve good health.

PhosChol PPC Vet is Clinically Proven Safe and Effective Liver Support for Your Pet

We are confident your pet is going to appreciate the new great taste, liposome delivery system and the results!

PPC VET uses the exact same same pharmaceutical grade PPC found in our PhosChol “People” products.

There are 48,000mg of purified PPC per 8oz and bottles which equates to 48 – 1000mg doses.

The dosing chart found on the bottle (dosing based on clinical study recommendations) makes it easy to give to any sized pet…from 5 lbs. to 150+ Lbs.