What Advanced Lipid Science Means to Us

Bruce Perry, President and owner of Nutrasal, explains advanced lipid science

Bruce Perry, President and owner of Nutrasal, discusses what advanced lipid science means to his company. Learn how Nutrasal’s 100% purified phosphatidylcholine, is a game changer and has set the standard in the industry.


Hi I’m Bruce Perry, President and owner of Nutrasal. I’m here to talk briefly about what advanced lipid science means to us. Nutrasal is not your average dietary supplement company. We are unlike many other companies that have thousands of different products. We only offer a small lineup of products that are extremely focused on purified phosphatidylcholine form, either in its raw form as an active ingredient or as an excipient or as a carrier system for other ingredients that are poorly absorbed and poorly bioavailable.

Even though we are a family owned company we are actually ranked in global industry reports as being one of the leading suppliers of phosphatidylcholine products in the world.

Our legacy product, Phoschol, has been available on the US market since 1982. It’s 100% purified phosphatidylcholine and there’s no other product quite like it on the market. All of our products are professionally formulated, pharmaceutical grade and therapeutically dosed.

Our goal is not to have 1,000 different products that aren’t unique or differentiated. Our goal is to have small, custom formulated, highly efficacious products with significant increases in absorption and bioavailability, the products that we want to take as individuals. We are always trying to make the best possible products that we can.

What we use as far as advanced lipid science or advanced lipid technology depends on the ingredient. Is it water soluble? Is it fat soluble? And what result are we trying to achieve with that group of ingredients. But some of the technologies that we use are liposomes, high pressure lipsomes (really small, tight, particle sizes), mixed mycells, emulsions and sub-micron emulsions where we combine some of the nanotechnology to get the smallest particle sizes that we can, solid lipid nanoparticles, as well as phosphatidylcholine suspensions and phospholipid nutrient complexes.

The end result being taking commodity type ingredients that are normally poorly bioavailable, poorly absorbed, and making them significantly more absorbed and bioavaible so that you can get better results. If you require any additional information, please visit us at www.Nutrasal.com.

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