What is the Difference Between a Therapeutic and a Preventative Dose

Dosing in the supplement industry.

Bruce Perry, President and owner of Nutrasal, explains the difference between therapeutic and preventative dosing in the supplement industry. Learn how Nutrasal determines the correct dosage to get you the desired effect you’re looking to achieve. Watch the video.


Hi I’m Bruce Perry, president and owner of Nutrasal. I wanted to take a little time to talk to you about the difference between a therapeutic and a preventative dose. We get this question all the time.

We often put in our literature that our products are therapeutically dosed. What that means to us basically and what that means in general is that a therapeutic dose is simply the dose that is used or may be required to get the results that you’re looking for. Basically what we do when we’re looking to dose one of our products is we take an exceptional amount of time to look at all of the valid scientific data that’s out there. All of the studies that have been done that show a particular effect with a particular ingredient. We look to the literature to understand and determine the most recommended dose throughout all of this literature. And that’s how we establish, that’s our base line of where it is that we want to start to determine what the optimal dose is going to be so that we know that when we take that dietary supplement there is going to be an effect and a desired outcome that we’re looking for.

You just don’t see that with everything. LiverFlo for example is one of the products we have that is dosed therapeutically. There are four different ingredients in that product but each one of those is dosed according to the literature that is out there. We spent two years designing and developing that product. We looked at over 500 clinical studies, many of them double blind, multi-center type studies to determine what that dose was going to be.

When you buy a Nutrasal product and we say it’s therapeutically dosed, you have a better understanding that yes, it’s dosed to the milligram level necessary in order to get the desired effect you’re looking to achieve. Should you require any additional information, please visit us at www.Nutrasal.com. Thanks for watching.

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