Magnesium L-argnine Cream Reduces Flair Ups with Raynaud’s Sufferers

Bruce Perry, President and owner of Nutrasal, explains Magnesium L-argnine Cream and it’s use with Raynaud’s disease

Bruce Perry, President and owner of Nutrasal, discusses how having Raynaud’s disease has impacted his life and the development of Nutrasal’s Magnesium and L-arginine cream .

Transcript Outline:

Raynaud’s as a justification for product development

Product Development Philosophy.

  • Products we want to take
  • Products we have consulted with doctors about
  • Ingredients we have thoroughly researched
  • Ingredients we believe we can make better with the addition of our PC based delivery systems
  • Is There an actual Need that is not being served
  • Is there Clinical and/or other data available to support the rationale

I have Raynaud’s. It is the primary reason we moved our entire base of operations from Maine to Arizona.


  • Worked with a Specialist in Neuropathy
    • We had spent a lot of time working with l-arginine for a very well know specialist in diabetic neuropathy and other circulatory issues…
    • as we studied this area more in depth and the application of L-arginine, we discovered in some of the research that that the addition of Magnesium had been shown to have synergistic effects, and it also significantly increased the absorption of the l-arginine.
  • Combined Ingredients
    • Added our purified PC liposome technology to further increase skin penetration and to hopefully improve results.
  • 2 Years of Testing
    • With Raynaud’s suffers
    • Received Great Feedback
    • At this point we realized we had a great product that could help to improve micro-circulation at specific points in the body
    • Reduced Flair Ups and/or the Duration and Severity of the Flair Ups.
  • Bruises and Muscle Cramps
    • Keep a bottle close to the bed…and quickly apply when the cramps set in.

Now with 2X the magnesium of the original Formulation.

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