PhosChol – The Leading Healthcare Professional Brand for PPC

Bruce Perry, President and owner of Nutrasal, explains PhosChol and PPC (Phosphatidylcholine)

Bruce Perry, President and owner of Nutrasal, discusses 100% purified phosphatidylcholine, in PhosChol. 


  • PhosChol is our legacy product
  • Developed by the same European company responsible for delivering two drugs that use purified PC for liver disease and heart disease. These products have been available by prescription outside the united states since 1953 and billions of doses have been sold worldwide.
  • PhosChol has been available in the United States Since 1982
  • And is the Leading Healthcare professional Brand
  • PhosChol is truly Gold Standard Pharmaceutical Grade Lecithin
  • PC is a very Holistic Molecule – Without it – Life as we know it would not exists.
    • It positively effects every cell in your body
    • Rebuilds, Restructures, Repairs Damage Cell membranes
    • There are very few molecules on this planet that are as essential as phosphatidyl choline to cell formation, restoration, metabolism respiration and life as we know it as phosphatidylcholine.
  • Perhaps this is why Dr. Perricone writes in his book the Perrcone Prescription that PPC is the closest thing to an anti-aging miracle he as ever seen.
  • PhosChol is the purest from of PC on the market.
  • In fact an independent study of the dietary supplement industry conducted by the National Research Council of Canada determined that PhosChol is the only dietary supplement on the market that contains the only oilseed medicinal found in two pharmaceutical products.
  • So, if you’re looking for the purest most effective form of phosphatidylcholine for heart, liver, brain and for all around great health,
  • Look no further than PhosChol.

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