Patent Awarded to a New Breakthrough in Liver Health

LiverFlo receives a US Patent

LiverFlo Advanced Liver Supplement

Liverflo’s advanced liposome and dual capsule delivery system just received a patent and we couldn’t be more excited! This is a first in the industry and represents a huge step in liver health. Liverflo is advanced liver science comprised of pharmaceutical grade and therapeutically dosed ingredients to support healthy liver function.


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Patent Awarded to A New Breakthrough in Liver Health

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (January 16th, 2019) – Arizona based Nutrasal, is proud to announce the patent authorization for our advanced Liverflo delivery system and dietary supplement. The patent was approved on January 8th, 2019 and issued patent number 10,172,801; and granted on the basis of a “Biomedically Active and Delivery Site Specific Capsule in Capsule Liver Supplement”. Liverflo is now the only all natural, patented liver specific formulation and delivery system consisting of pharmaceutical grade and therapeutically dosed ingredients, micronized liposomes and delayed release dual capsule technology.

Based upon years of research conducted in the United States, Europe and Russia, Liverflo is the smart combination of four synergistic ingredients and a pharmaceutical grade delivery system designed to significantly support liver health and function. Liverflo is superior in quality, efficacy and value.

“It is by far our most sophisticated formulation and delivery system,” said Bruce Perry, President of Nutrasal, Inc. “Liverflo is the combination of pharmaceutical grade liposome delivery systems, and state of the art encapsulation technology. We are confident that this scientifically valid formulation and patented delivery technology will dramatically improve absorption, bioavailability and efficacy. Globally, declining liver health is a growing source of concern and a field of emerging importance. We believe Liverflo is an intelligent combination of ingredients and delivery technology, and a significant breakthrough in liver support                and function.”

Liverflo: Liverflo® is a synergistic combination of four pharmaceutical grade ingredients, polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC), Glycyrrhizin, Silymarin, and S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe).

LiverFlo is advanced, patented liver support with clinically significant ingredients for liver health. LiverFlo utilizes pharmaceutical grade, and therapeutically dosed ingredients that work physiologically and holistically to support optimal liver function.*

A revolutionary delayed release capsule inside a capsule technology (Dual Capsule Technology/DCT), and a micronized liposome delivery system guarantees the best possible absorption and the best possible results.*

The combination of four clinically significant and synergistically active ingredients, micronized PPC liposomes to increase absorption and bioavailability, and a delayed release dual capsule technology (DCT), can be considered a new breakthrough in hepatic support.*

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Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nutrasal is the leader in phospholipid based technologies and delivery systems aimed to improve absorption, bioavailability and efficacy of dietary ingredients. Nutrasal manufactures and distributes products based on solid drug research direct to healthcare professionals around the world. We guarantee that our ingredients and formulations are of the highest quality, are GRAS status, and are manufactured to exact specifications in FDA approved facilities to the highest cGMP and USP standards.


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