Introducing the New

New website highlights PhosChol and Liverflo

Nutrasal, an industry leader in the use of pharmaceutical grade phospholipids introduces, a new website for advanced lipid science products. Since 1982, Nutrasal has produced leading brands of professionally formulated, pharmaceutical grade, and therapeutically dosed phospholipids with exceptional delivery systems. Phospholipids increase the absorption and bio-availability of water soluble ingredients by increasing absorption in the mouth and along the food canal.

Advantages of phospholipid formulations not only comprise enhanced bioavailability of ingredients with low aqueous solubility or low membrane penetration potential, but also improvement or alteration of uptake and release of nutrients, protection of sensitive active agents from degradation in the gastrointestinal tract, reduction of gastrointestinal side effects, and even masking of bitter taste of orally applied actives.

The addition of the newly redesigned website offers customers full access to the company’s ever-growing range of pharmaceutical grade brands such as LiverFlo and PhosChol. Look for exciting new product introductions in the upcoming weeks on the site.’s new Exclusive Offers section gives customers the ability to receive exclusive sales and new product information before the general public.